What happens when, after all the time, turmoil and expense of a bitter court battle, the judge gets it wrong? There are ways to correct a legal mistake in your court order. Learn More

Child Custody

Where your child will live and who will make the major decisions in your child’s life are custody questions. Levy & Dubovich can review with you different custody options and explain what a child custody case really entails. Learn More

Child Support

Child support belongs to your child. Don’t allow your child to be cheated. Learn More


Levy & Dubovich can provide you with knowledge of court procedures and relevant substantive law. We strive for cooperative solutions which save time and money and minimize conflict. Sometimes, however, settlement is impossible. Learn More

Parenting Time

The term “parenting time” is now used instead of visitation so as to emphasize the importance of the time a parent spends with a child. A person “visits” a great aunt in the hospital or “visits” someone in jail. Both parents parent their own child regardless of who has physical custody. Learn More

Additional Services

We assist clients with a wide range of difficult family law issues: everything from adoptions to emancipations, spousal maintenance to college expenses, prenuptial agreements to divorce settlements, third party custody to grandparent visitation. Every case is different. Learn More